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We are an active holidays company that provides high quality service to endurance sports enthusiasts of all levels who'd like to have a great time while boosting their athletic capabilities and skills
We are based in Barcelona, surrounded by sea and mountains, with blue sky and sun year round. We run, swim and cycle every corner of this land, and we enjoy it endlessly. That's why we want to bring our passion to you in the best quality.
Our concept
Provide you with the possibility to experience your preferred endurance sport, focusing on the following:
We don't like crowds
We like peaceful places where you can relax, enjoy the nature and still have convenient access to fancy restaurants and vibrant promenades.
We like to live well
That's why we strive to get you very comfortable living space. For us, comfort and coziness is not the same as luxury. Don't overspend but treat yourself well. Turns out it is possible!
We absolutely love nature
That's why in the end we find ourselves days after days in the saddle or hitting that trail while running. Expect your sport experience to be stunningly beautiful
Without the performance gains in your favorite sports, everything gets boring, we know that. That's why place where you will live, where you will ride or run are selected with that thing in mind - get you further, help you overachieve your ambition.
There is exciting stuff besides sport we want to bring you. Wine testing, music concerts or that must-do thing in Barcelona you thought about - that's part of the story. Live full life, indulge yourself.